The true story of Lazarus

Two summers ago, I was in Victoria Falls with my eldest son and we were incredibly fortunate to watch while my resident partner, Russell Caldecott, gave a wheelchair to a young man who had never been off the ground. Lazarus Moyo, 20 years old, had only been able to drag himself across the floor all of his life and then to watch as he slowly climbed into the wheel chair, his face lit up and he came to the realization that he would now be able to move around a lot more freely. This was unforgettable!

Most of us don’t think of a wheelchair as being that significant but seeing somebody pick themselves up and finally get the opportunity to move around without the pain and effort of dragging themselves across the floor is amazing. This is a real Lazarus! He now will be able to go to school, go to see his friends and potentially start a small mobile grocery business so that he can support himself.

We have not really let the word out about the wheelchairs in Victoria Falls but we already have over 2000 handicapped people knocking on the door asking for a wheelchair. I can’t imagine what the demand will look like when the word really does get out.

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crawled on the dirt
for the past 20 years.
Now wait till you see
him move...


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