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of Zimbabwe can be challenging if not impossible to the many great organizations that want to provide for the good people of Zimbabwe.  We have the team on the ground and permissions to make it happen.  With our experience, our local contacts and logistical capabilities, we can partner with your organization today and make a world of difference tomorrow, and everyday in the future.

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Wheels for Humanity is a division of United Cerebral Palsy, the largest nonprofit direct care provider of services in Southern California for persons with cerebral palsy, autism, and other developmental disabilities.

Wheels for Humanity collects and refurbishes discarded wheelchairs and delivers them to disadvantaged children and adults in developing countries. They have pledged to send wheelchairs, a doctor, and a technician to equip and train Zimbabweans the proper way.

VOKENT is a strategic design company that specializes in online commerce, marketing, and quality content. They recently finished work with Stussy, INC; a multinational fashion brand. They will be the media team in charge of stories, photos, and videos documenting Project Mobilize. 

Friends of Shamwari has very strong strategic local partnerships in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and South Africa to ensure success.  We project manage and facilitate distribution in Zimbabwe.

Russ Caldecott owns and operates Ultimate Lodge in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe which offers guided safaris throughout the region to clients from around the world, including clients with mobility challenges. Russ has graciously cleared space on his land to accommodate the delivery of goods, and a working space to run the distribution center and seating clinic. Russ is the founder of the NGO, Wheels Against All Odds. By partnering with a local Zimbabwean NGO, Friends of Shamwari is permitted to import, transport and distribute charitable goods with local government approval. Russ Caldecott… “I have so many letters of support from all the villagers and chiefs, the governor and all in the head offices…all is good.”

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for donating the trucking, logistics & transportation costs of the container from Durban, South Africa to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe