There are many

ways you

can help

•  Here:

    1. Logistics: can you help co-ordinate products and services to be sent to Zimbabwe? Work with our partners to ensure things operate smoothly.

    1. Accounting: book-keeping and accounting services are vital and we want to stay on top of every penny that comes in and goes out.

    1. Information gathering, sifting and distribution: can you help organize photos, videos, stories and get them to the right places?

    1. Writers: do you have that innate ability to write? We need copywriters to keep everyone informed.

    1. Fundraising: can you help in any aspects of fund raising? Visit with corporations, talk to donors, help organize fund raising parties.

    1. Grant writing:  The funds are out there we need your expertise to find & win them.

    1. Travel Experts: Organize and help volunteers plan their trips to Victoria Falls.

  1. There:

    1. Logistics coordinators: organize the volunteers and bring them to Victoria Falls. Organize the volunteers to work on the projects. Help co-ordinate their travels and tours in the area.

    1. Teachers: we need teachers to come help teach the most willing students that you have ever come across.

    1. Farmers, Doctors, Nurses, Solar Project Managers, Social health administrators, EMT’s and any other professionals.

    1. Tradesmen/women: come teach your vocation.

    1. Anyone with the passion and desire to come help, we’ll help you apply your special skills.

    1. Combine a vacation and volunteer at the same time. Learn more about our Voluntourism opportunities.

We need help both here and in Zimbabwe

If you’d like to personally speak about the many opportunities we have for you to help, please contact me directly at:

(415) 533-2484

or via email: