Facts that demand attention

HIV/AIDS is rampant with estimates of close to

38% of the population testing positive for HIV AIDS.

It is estimated that 4 out of 5 women between the ages of 18 and 24 could test positive for HIV/AIDS.

People with HIV/AIDS need wheelchairs and disability centers.  Other disease such as tuberculosis, malaria and cholera are also on the rise.

Minimum life sustaining services and hospitals are virtually non-existent.

Medical costs are prohibitive; there is one doctor and very little access to medicine.

The indigenous people take great pride in a good education.

Families will forgo meals in order to pay for school uniforms so that their children may attend school and get an education. So, even when food is available, the expense prohibits most people from obtaining it, making malnutrition another of the formidable problems.

With your kind donations, bringing in nutritional porridge will allow the kids to continue going to school and yet eat healthfully!

The economy has been bankrupt with the worst inflation ever seen on the planet.

This is a simple profile of a complex and difficult situation. For many years there has been governmental objection to outside assistance; foreign aid coming into Zimbabwe has been restricted. However, the tide of opposition to assistance is finally starting to turn.

You can help. Here’s how:


Why should I care?

  1. The people of Zimbabwe have been forgotten. No aid reaches them. They have been under a dictatorship for over 31 years!

  1. Very few NGO’s have access into Zimbabwe. Of the 2,000 latest applicants, only 4 were approved by the government. We are 1 of those lucky 4.

  1. Their plight doesn’t make headlines & can’t begin to compete for assistance

  1. They have suffered droughts, epidemics and total economic collapse.

  1. They are a sweet, gentle people, always with a friendly welcoming smile who are so incredibly grateful for whatever tiny bit they get.

Broken Country

Zimbabwe is a broken country.

It has received almost NO global aid for over 25 years.

In the north-western tip of Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is a town of approximately 70,000 inhabitants. The magnificent natural beauty of the Falls and local wilderness has, for generations, attracted tourists from around the world.

Ten minutes away from one of the world’s great natural treasures, people stoop side by side with baboons; all are hungry and forage for food together at the town dump.

The people of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe have little, and yet they are soulful, loving and caring people.

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